Sunday, 18 March 2012

cronulla conquest

fantastic swims today at cronulla....

i'd only ever been to cronulla once before and have never swum there
two swims on offer - a 1km triangle (warm-up) and 2.3km swim around shark island.  pretty choppy conditions out there, and v cold southerly that resulted in totally numb arms for me - made the last part of the choppy bit pretty hard. best marked course i've ever seen though, so i just ploughed on. i think i've found an ok way to swim through chop - will keep trying and ask some experts.

talked to a local before the start - he gave some great tips for landmarks and invited me to swim with their social group - they swim saturdays and sundays around the island - meet up at 9am outside the surf club (7.30am group meets both days as well). they then have coffee at one of the many coffee shops on the beach.

great results from my friends - michael (@maitlandswimmer) 1st in 1km and 2nd in 2.3km swims, damien (@aquaboy62) 2nd in 1km swim and jen (@coffeemumswims) 3rd in 2.3km swim - brilliant!

will definately be back next year!

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