Friday, 16 March 2012

hello everyone!!! i thought i would write about swimming and knitting adventures here for anyone who's interested....

currently on a WIP-off frenzy, so i can start knitting some new things...

beet heid

paper dolls

semele for varelle


i MUST finish all of these before starting something new

beet head will be done by today, will put up some blocking snaps. i'm knitting it in rowan fine tweed, which is kind of like the teenager equivalent of wool - gorgeous and bright but it does what it wants and is quite hard to control. i'm sure it will block well but it's a bit hard to knit fairisle with.

semele requires concentration and is slow-going but it's for a lovely person - varelle is my stepsons' grandmother - an incredibly creative and generous woman who is so lovely to me and has made some gorgeous things for me

cocoa has been on the needles since last year and i WILL finish it by sunday night.

swimming-wise, i'm planning to go to squad tonight at charlestown and will be swimming in newcastle harbour tomorrow (part of the sparke-helmore weekend), and cronulla sunday

...update at 2pm... ran out of the grey background yarn for my hat - BOOOOOO!!! luckily more is on the way - early next week hopefully....

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